Full Estate Liquidation Services

Our Reasonable Commission Fee Includes:

  • Normal set up and clean up from estate sale and 
  • We clean the property and separate sell-able items
  • Prepare, professionally display and price items throughout the estate
  • Set-up and making your home hazard free for the days of the estate sale
  • Photograph items for inventory and websites
  • Our company pays for advertising your estate sale in local publications (print & online)
  • Place directional estate sale signs in highly visible areas
  • Provide security of your valuable items staffed employees and security cameras
  • Conduct a 2-4 day estate sale per agreement 
  • Remove remaining items at the end of the sale at the client's discretion
  • Basic cleaning after the estate sale
  • Take final photos of your "real estate" ready property

On-Site Property Sale

  • We take a commission on what is sold
  •  The public at large is generally looking for bargains
  •  Estate Sale enthusiast enjoy haggling
  •  Buyers from the general public may buy multiple items at a time
  •  Public buyers leave the residence a mess. We will have someone picking up after them while the sale is going on
  •  Liability and the possibility of accident, breakage, and theft is a risk with public sales. We do all we can to prevent this with our staff and security cameras
  •  Just about anything will sell leaving you with bigger profits than a Buy Out