"I want you to know that I greatly appreciate everything you did. At a very difficult time in people's lives, you provide a very valuable and personal service. More importantly, you do it with professionalism, kindness and compassion. That is something that cannot be accounted for on a ledger sheet but is of immeasurable value to your clients. I will always remember that kindness."  Dennis - Antioch, CA (Estate sale in Spring Hill)


“Thanks again for all the hard work preparing for the estate sale.  I would have never been able to do it without you. The profits were way beyond what we thought we would receive. I would recommend your services to anyone needing this type of service.” Jerry (Brooksville)


"Catherine exceeded our expectations for the sale. We are happy with the services that you have provided. Also, the house looked really clean after the sale was over!" Morgan & Sue (Hudson)


"I was completely surprised by the sale. I received a lot of money for what I thought was junk! We are so glad that we called you!" Thanks, Edward (Tampa)


Catherine found a well-hidden stash of cash that our dad put in his fishing tackle box. She turned it into a money order and mailed it to us with our proceeds check from the estate sale.  We could be happier.  Marc - Alpine, NJ -  (Estate sale in Spring Hill)


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