Why Choose Our Company?

The biggest difference between us and other companies:

1. We are licensed, bonded and insured.  We are a legitimate company and want to protect your assets if a customer gets injured on your property during the sale.  Also, all Antiques & Estate Sellers employees are bonded to protect your assets and funds. Most of our competitors do not carry all three!

2. Our commission rate is as low as 25%.

3. We feel our knowledge exceeds our competition with antiques and collectibles because this is our specialty.  

4. Antiques & Estate Sellers usually has approximately 60 to 80 people lined up at the door on the morning of the first day of an estate sale (recently we had an estate sale with over 200 people within the first 90 minutes!). We have such a huge following of customers from our subscriber email list, print advertising and the 10 websites we use for advertising your estate sale. Usually during a 3-day estate sale on average, we have anywhere from 600 to 800 customers, which equals more money for you.

5. Our low commission includes the $300 to $400 of print and online advertising, which does not come out of your portion of the profits!

6. We use security cameras on all of our estate sales to protect your valuables. We provide only one way in the home and one way out. All small items of value are secured in locked display cases or placed by the cashier.